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Moetan Volume 4

The script for Moetan Volume 4 is done. It contains episodes 5.5, 6, and 7. I used the scripts of Lolidan for episodes 6 and 7 and Morally Bankrupt Translations for episode 5.5. Episode 5.5 is a recap episode that describes the characters and reviews all the previous Moetan Corner segments up to that episode. There’s nothing really special in the recap.

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Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Volume 1

The script for Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Volume 1 is finally done. It contains episode 1 only. I used the script from the online video at FUNimation for this release. I changed the positions of the signs and the colors of the subtitles to match the styles found in my other scripts. I also added the romaji for the opening and ending. Everything else should be the same as in the online video.

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Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Volume 1 Version 2

The revised script for Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Volume 1 is now ready to be downloaded. It contains episode 1 only. I used the script of EMiNA Fansubs for this release. This is mainly a name fix for some of the characters. Also, a few lines were retimed to flow better with the scenes. There isn’t a huge difference between this revised script and the original.

The script is available on the Scripts page as usual. Check out the screenshots from the earlier post to see the finished DVD.

Strike Witches Volume 3

The script for Strike Witches Volume 3 is finally done. It contains episodes 5 and 6. I used the scripts of Strike Subs for this release. I also included the script for the extras on the DVD which are the creditless endings being sung by the various voice actresses. This time the first one is done by the voice actresses of Lucchini and Shirley. The second one is by the voice actresses of Sanya and Eila.

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