Japanese Text in Subtitles

There are many reasons to use Japanese text in your fansubbed anime DVDs. The most common use is in the openings and endings of the shows. Explaining some Japanese text on the screen is another general reason. After preparing the Japanese text in Aegisub and exporting it, MaestroSBT generates Japanese text alongside the English text. This guide will show you how to display Japanese text in MaestroSBT correctly.

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Overlapping and Consecutive Subtitles without Flicker

Overlapping subtitles occur when a second subtitle appears while the first subtitle is still on the screen. This happens when there are multiple people talking at the same time or when a person speaks while a sign is on the screen. After loading the script into MaestroSBT, overlapping subtitles are split into consecutive subpictures with the text appearing at the appropriate times. When muxing the resulting script and bitmaps with Muxman, the consecutive subtitles will flicker or blink. This guide will show you how to avoid this flicker.

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