Fade Effect in Subtitles with Muxman

The fade effect is used to apply a transitional effect on subtitles. It changes the contrast but not the color of subtitles. A common use of the fade effect allows subtitles to fade in or fade out with a scene. An example of this is seen here. This fade out effect was made with Muxman with help from Aegisub for the subtitles and timing. This tutorial will show you how to create these fade effects.

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Easy Method to Stop the Flickering in Consecutive Subtitles

In the previous tutorial, finding the consecutive subtitles that would flicker was done manually by comparing the START and END times. This process of looking at the START and END times and changing the END times was tedious and time-consuming. There is a much faster and easier way to make these changes in the sst file. This tutorial will show you how to quicken the process.

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